South Lawndale Dental Implants

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If you’re missing teeth, you can count on the professional team at Sonrisa Family Dental for the restoration of your smile. With a state-of-the-art dental office in South Lawndale, our team is equipped with the foremost imaging technology and treatment instrumentation, and can provide you with the leading treatment options available today. Whether you stand to benefit most from dental bridgework, customized partials or full dentures, or South Lawndale dental implants, our experienced team will take the time to walk you through the most suitable treatment options for your comfort level, budget and overall treatment goals.

Missing single or several teeth can make us second guess laughing, smiling and speaking with confidence. At Sonrisa Family Dental, our compassionate team understands the impact restoring your smile can have on your overall quality of life. With South Lawndale dental implants, we offer the modern solution, closest to replicating the performance, appearance, and feeling of your natural teeth. Ingeniously designed to behave in the same way as the roots of natural teeth, dental implants insert directly into the jaw and travel upward to just above the gum line. Dental implants are fabricated out of advanced biocompatible materials, which integrate and fuse directly with the bone over time. This confers an unprecedented level of stability for securing a custom prosthesis above. Above the line of the gums, implants can be used to provide support for individual teeth, or strategically placed to secure a fixed bridge, or overdentures. Apart from restoring the natural esthetic and function of your smile, properly cared for dental implants preserve jawbone, and help to retain the natural contours of your face.

To learn more about what South Lawndale dental implants can do to help restore your smile and overall quality of life, plan on scheduling your implant consultation at Sonrisa Family Dental. Conveniently located on South Archer Avenue, between South Damen Avenue and South Hoyne Avenue, we’re just a short trip away! To plan your next visit, give us a call today!

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