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At Sonrisa Family Dental, our experienced dentists are proud to offer the state-of-the-art in general, family and cosmetic dental care to the South Lawndale, Back of the Yards and surrounding communities. By making a comprehensive range of advanced dental services available to patients of all ages, we’re doing our part to serve the oral healthcare needs of the greater South Lawndale area. If you are considering aligning your bite, you’ll want to meet with one of our dentists to discuss your eligibility for orthodontic treatment with South Lawndale Invisalign.

Having a well-aligned smile doesn’t just improve your overall appearance. Studies have shown that having straighter teeth makes it easier to maintain good oral hygiene, which greatly reduces your risk for developing dental disease in the future. Beginning with a digital analysis of your smile, orthodontic treatment with South Lawndale Invisalign foregoes the use of messy goop, trading up instead for a digital impression of your dentition. Utilizing sophisticated 3D imaging software, your dentist can prescribe and simulate the most precise course of orthodontic treatment for you. This prescription then generates the blueprints for your series of clear plastic aligners. Worn in successive sequence, Invisalign aligners are custom-contoured to every ridge and rise of your smile and designed to nudge your teeth closer and closer to their desired positions as you progress through the sequence. Completely removable for short periods of time and smooth to the touch, Invisalign makes orthodontic treatment more convenient and comfortable than ever thought possible! They’re also virtually indiscernible to your friends, family and colleagues! Your dentist loves the fact that they make it easier to continue to brush and floss like before; but most patients love the added bonus of continuing to eat the foods they love!

If you’ve been thinking about orthodontic treatment, consider aligning your smile with style with South Lawndale Invisalign. To learn more, give a call to Sonrisa Family Dental today!

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