Where can I find a South Lawndale dental office?

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When it comes to your oral health, you deserve the best. At Sonrisa Family Dental, your South Lawndale dental office offers the most leading-edge dental services available today. From the highest quality preventive, emergency, and pediatric care, to the foremost implant, laser, and cosmetic treatments for your smile, our experienced team of dentists are prepared to provide you and your family members with the best that modern dentistry has to offer. Emphasizing a preventive approach to oral care, our team aims to help you establish and maintain excellent oral health first and foremost.

The daily brushing and flossing you do at home is an excellent beginning in the warding off of dental disease. In order to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your efforts, our South Lawndale dental office encourages patients to visit just twice a year for a comprehensive oral exam and professional teeth cleaning. With routine monitoring of your oral health, you’ll benefit from the oversight of an experienced professional. From the first signs of dental decay to gum disease, our dentists are equipped to detect and treat a wide range of dental conditions. You’ll also receive personalized instruction in the proper methods for brushing and flossing at home. Whether you have crooked teeth, have extensive dental work, or are at increased risk for dental disease, our professional team will make sure that you can keep your smile clean and healthy all year round. For our pediatric patients, we make learning how to care for oral health informative and engaging. Providing additional treatments to strengthen and shield their teeth from dental decay, we can help reduce their risk for the most common dental conditions in a warm and compassionate environment.

If it’s been six months or longer since your last checkup, plan on scheduling your next visit to our South Lawndale dental office. To get started, give a call to the helpful staff at Sonrisa Family Dental today!

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